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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy app World Military Map from Cygnus Software

This privacy policy sets out the terms and conditions of the app World Military Map
for mobile devices that was created by Cygnus Software.
The app is available for download from Google Play.

App features:
interactive military map of the world.

What permissions we need?

Required qualifications:
1. Other
1.1. Receive data from Internet
1.2. View network connections
1.3. Full access to the network

What information do we collect?

The app does not collect any personal information such as your name, age, place of birth, list of contacts.

The app does not use confidential user data.


Privacy Policy Google AdMob is here:

We share for our partners device non-personal identifiers and other non-personal information
from your device to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

To contact us please use the e-mail: