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I present you an excellent application for Android system WIFI ON/OFF.
The purpose of the app is to enable and disable Wi-Fi according to the declared schedule.
Application Features:
- Present your current Wi-Fi connection status: in the app, in the notification bar, in the widget
- in the task schedule you can save items:
- Automatically turn on Wi-Fi when the device screen is unlocked
- Automatically turn off Wi-Fi when the device screen is locked
- One-time (date and time) declaration of the task of enabling or disabling Wi-Fi
- Cyclical (timing) of turning on or off Wi-Fi
- Customizable auto-launch option with Android
- configurable short vibration option when network connection is active
- Customizable Wi-Fi off delay when the device screen is locked (in case of accidental lockout)
- Configurable delay of Wi-Fi off when data is downloaded from the network

The application stores data in a local SQLite database available on any Android device.
The high standard used in database creation ensures instant access to data.
Convenient, easy to use and navigate user interface.
Active application development (email me if you have any questions, suggestions, comments).
More soon!
Be happy!

Required permissions:
1. Wi-Fi connection information
1.1. View Wi-Fi connections
2. Other
2.1. View network connections
2.2. Changing network connections
2.3. Connecting and disconnecting to a Wi-Fi network
2.4. Full access to the network
2.5. Startup when turning on your device
2.6. Vibration control

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