Cygnus Software

Privacy policy

Cygnus Software's privacy policy.

This universal privacy policy sets out the terms of use of the apps
for mobile devices that were created by Cygnus Software.

Apps are available for download on Google Play.

Some Cygnus Software apps have their own separate privacy policy.

What permissions do we need?

Required permissions:
The permission needed to display ads in the free version (you can delete ads in the 'Remove Ads' menu)
2. CHECK_LICENSE - license control in the paid version

What information do we collect?

Cygnus Software's apps do not collect any personal data such as name, surname, age, place of birth, contact list.

Cygnus Software's apps do not use any confidential user data.

Free Cygnus Software's apps display banner and full screen ads.
That's why I'm posting Google's privacy policy.

The Google AdMob privacy policy is available here:

We provide our partners with non-personal device identifiers and other non-personal information from your device to personalize content and ads to offer social media features and analyze traffic.

To contact us, please use e-mail: